A community built on benevolence.

" We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give. "

- Winston Churchill

" Volunteering is an act of heroism on a grand scale. And it matters profoundly. It does more than help people beat the odds; it changes the odds. "

- President Bill Clinton

" Life's most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others? "

- Martin Luther King, Jr.

" What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. "

- Jane Goodall


Vome was created in order to promote volunteering and to address the inefficiencies and inconveniences associated with community involvement. We noticed that for some reason, it was too difficult for organizations to find volunteers and too difficult for the average person to find an engaging community service opportunity that meshed well with their schedule and interests. The common cause that we identified for both of these issues is the absence of a simple-to-use, online interface that seamlessly connects organizations with volunteers.  


With Vome, anyone can log on, scroll through the Opportunity Board and browse the various volunteering opportunities posted by local organizations. Each of these postings contains dates, times, information and requirements, and comes tagged with certain key words that reflect certain interests. Once a volunteer finds a suitable event, all they have to do is confirm their attendance. It’s that easy.  


We recognize that some people also use their community involvement as a boost to their professional profiles. So, by signing up as a Verified user, we will track all of your volunteering data including hours, frequency, places you’ve volunteered and your Vome achievements, and present the data in a personalized volunteering resume. And to ensure the legitimacy of all of the data we track, we personally approve every organization that signs up, and every logged opportunity is necessarily confirmed by the organization having hosted the event.  

"Volunteering is an act of heroism on a grand scale. It matters profoundly. It does more than help people beat the odds. It changes the odds."

- President Bill Clinton


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