Frequently asked questions

As a verified user, your hours and the organizations at which you volunteer appear on your profile, which you can then export to a Vome Transcript. When you attend an event, the event coordinator will acknowledge your presence by inputting the number of volunteer hours into your profile. To ensure that your hours are logged, we suggest announcing yourself to the event coordinator upon arrival.
If you attended an event but did not receive the hours on your profile, simply go to your “Booked Opportunities” and then click the "Past" tab. Find the opportunity in question, and click “Request Hours”. A message will then be sent to the event coordinator who will then confirm the validity of your hours and log them.
The data of all your past volunteering experience on Vome is exportable to a Vome transcript. Your transcript is where you can find all of your raw volunteering data. To create a transcript, simply go to your Vome profile and click “Generate Transcript”.
As a school, registering with Vome is easy. Simply return to our home page, enter the information required, and press sign up!
Go to your “My Students” page, then click "Add Students" > "Add and Update Multiple Students". From there you can now upload an excel file with the names, emails, and grade level of your students. Then, individual profiles for every student will be automatically generated by Vome, and an email will be sent to each student with their usernames and passwords as well as instructions for how to sign in. If you wish, you can also add one single student at a time by clicking "Add Students" > "Add a Student".
At the end of a school year, graduating students must be removed from your school portal and new students must be added. To do this, simply go to your “My Students” page and upload a new excel file with a revised list of your current students.
When students graduate, they are no longer a part of your school portal. However, their accounts will be converted into a general user accounts with a different email addresses. And don’t worry – all of the students' accomplishments, information, and past events that they attended will be preserved and appear on their new profile upon graduation.
Of course, we recognize that students might volunteer at organizations that are not currently registered with Vome. In these cases, a school administrator can manually log the hours for a student by going to that student’s profile clicking “Log Hours Manually”. From there, simply enter the name of the organization and the number of hours volunteered by the student, and that opportunity/event will appear on the student’s "Booked Opportunities" page.
Yes. Simply upload a revised list of your current students to the “My Students” page.
Vome makes it easy for schools to post opportunities that only its students can view and attend. For instance, if the school’s basketball team has a game scheduled and needs a scorekeeper to handle the scoreboard, an opportunity for its students can be created by simply going to The Board and clicking “Add Opportunity”. As a school, when you create an opportunity, only the students on your School Portal will be able to see it and attend once posted.
As an organization, registering with Vome is easy (and free!). Simply return to our home page, create a username and password, enter the information required, and press sign up! From there, organizations can post events/opportunities to the Opportunity Board, which will be viewed by hundreds of volunteers on Vome who wish to give back to the community.
Vome makes it easy to create an opportunity that hundreds of volunteers will be able to see. Just go to the Opportunity Board and click “Add Opportunity”. From there, simply enter all of the required information (date, time, description of event, etc.). This information will vary depending on whether your event is a “One-Timer” or a “Pledge”. Once you’ve entered the event details, just click “Publish” and your event will appear on the Opportunity Board.
To cancel an opportunity, go to your organization’s profile and click “My Opportunities”. Then, go to the event in question and click "Actions" > “Delete Opportunity”. As a courtesy to the volunteers on Vome, we strongly suggest that you cancel the event no less than 24 hours in advance.
As the coordinator of an event, logging hours for volunteers is easy. Simply go to the event in question and click “Actions” > “Manage Bookings”. From there you will be redirected to a list of all the volunteers who attended that event. Finally, log the correct number of hours for each volunteer.
In this case, the organization coordinator will mark the volunteer absent under “Manage Bookings”.
One-timers are individual volunteering events that have a fixed date and time. They only happen once and are geared towards those who might not have the means to regularly commit to an organization. One-timers are perfect events for the casual volunteer. Unlike one-timers, pledges are long-term commitments to organizations. On our Pledge Board you’ll find opportunities that happen repeatedly, sometimes bi-weekly, weekly or even monthly. By pledging on Vome, you build true relationships with organizations.
Vome allows organizations to effortlessly get in touch with their volunteers. Simply go to your organization’s profile and click “Opportunities Published,” choose the event in question, then click “Actions” > “Message Volunteers”. Alternatively, you can go to the Board and find your organization’s event, click on it, then click “Actions” > “Message Volunteers”.